Tuesday, November 26, 2013


So, today I got this gem in the mail.
Since I ordered four books from betterworldbooks earlier this month, I was obviously expecting my ordered books, and not this one. You can see my reaction in the unboxing video that I'm posting later tonight. {Don't worry, I don't embarrass myself or anything, it's just kind of funny to see my expression instantly change to confusion.}

After doing a subsequent amount of investigation, I realized that this book was actually won by me in a giveaway! {Sorry, BWB.} It's set to be released TOMORROW, so I wanted to make this blog post to brag before other people owned it.
I have a paperback edition that's absolutely lovely and new, and the words inside has that glossy ink that comes with newly printed books. Also, it smells wonderful. 

To be honest, this is the first new book I've owned for a while, so I'm super excited! Thanks so much to the person who sent it to me; I'm definitely going to have to crack this one open over break. <3
{Maybe I should start doing my hauls at the end of each month instead of after each big acquisition of books? Idk.}

Also, as a sidenote, I've been having some weird iMovie problems: When going to play and edit clips, the preview screen will show black, or the frozen part of another clip while the audio is still going. Despite all of the clips being in one video, there's a separate clip at the end of the video that plays just fine, and it's stills from this one that invades the other clips. Does that make sense? I don't know how to explain it; it's really weird and annoying due to the fact that I can't see what I'm editing.
If anyone has a solution for this, that would be lovely.