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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hey there!
This will be my first post ever on this blog, which is mostly going to be for personal use and reference, since no one uses blogger anyway.
But for those of you who are wandering around in this desolate wasteland of cook blogs and pregnancy blogs, welcome! As you can probably tell already, this is a book blog. And if you're clever, you'll probably have deduced by now that I am a book-lover.
At this point, I think that's all you really need to know about me as an individual. I mean, I do have a vlog. It's currently video-less, but that should change eventually. Maybe. (If you're more interested in watching people talk about books than reading about people reading books, then I'd suggest some gentle peer pressure in my direction.)
Anyway, I'll be using this blog for the primary purpose of discussing and reviewing books. That means that anyone who's interested will have to step up and participate: don't be shy! I hate that feeling that you get when you're talking to yourself. It's all lonesome and cat-lady like.
On a similar note, book suggestions are always welcome. In fact, they're strongly encouraged. So are goodread friend requests, which I always accept. whispers Always.
I guess that's all I can ramble about for now, so see you next time!